The iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is one of this holiday season’s hottest gadgets. Sadly, it hasn’t been officially released in the Philippines yet.

While the dollar price conversion for the most basic version (black, wifi 16gb) is about 14k in pesos, the actual retail price for this in stores around the metro is more like 20k. The popular online retailers like Kim Store are selling it for 19.4k.

However, the cheapest I’ve seen it for right now is definitely at the gadget store in Pop Culture in Alabang Town Center. While I did get into a bit of argument with them and ended up NOT buying one (they screwed me on the pricing), they still offer the cheapest price for the black 16gb wifi model: only 18.5k.

Those of you in the area looking for a deal, this is definitely the one to get. Although they stiffed me, I figure the price they have is good and a little push from me won’t hurt.

Happy iPad hunting people!

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