The G602: Why do I keep buying Logitech Mice?!

Time and again, I keep promising myself I’ll never buy another Logitech product.  Every single time, they fail me within a year. I’ve bought the Logitech Wave keyboard, the Logitech DiNovo Mini, the Logitech Solar K750, the G7 (TWICE!), G700, and who knows what else I’ve forgotten over the years.

Each and every one of these wretched pieces of plastic failed me within a year of buying them. Either the wireless goes bonkers, a button starts double-clicking, the battery just fails, or whatever other stupid excuse for lousy quality control. And every single time, Logitech refuses to honor my warranty. I think they discriminate against Filipinos? Who knows.

And yet, I keep buying more of these products. Why is that? They’re elegantly designed and very useful, for starters. Six months ago, I bought the Logitech G602.

2015-03-25 18.08.17

And what a great mouse. It’s wireless, but lasts for months at a time on single AA battery on one charge. It would last even longer if you used a non-rechargeable battery, but I prefer to recycle my energy.

It sports an awesome 2500DPI on an optical sensor — and before your stupid groans of horror at a mouse having less than 6000DPI and not sporting a laser sensor — 2500 DPI is more than enough for anyone not playing on a 4K monitor (and even then I think it’d be good enough). I typically only used 1800DPI on a 1080p display using my Razer Naga Epic: way less than its rated 5600DPI sensitivity. And you know what? It was perfectly fine! Laser or Optical — anyone who says they can tell the difference in performance between laser or optical mice is kidding themselves. Maybe under extreme conditions like a bad wooden table surface there’d be a difference — and ironically it’s the optical sensor with an LED lighting the surface that performs better most of the time.  But most people will be using these mice in “normal” environments — like a mousepad — and there is no difference between the two technologies.

And you know what really makes me love the G602? Those six awesome thumb buttons. Six!!! The biggest problem with the G7 was it had only 1 thumb button. The Razer Naga had 12 — far too many. Six is just right. Six is perfect.

Look at those sweet six thumb buttons!

The G602 also has a very gratifying grip. Unlike the G700 which had a lousy tapering edge on its right that made gripping it with your ring and pinky fingers painful in the long run, the G602 is perfect for palming the mouse and it’s light enough (with just one battery) to really glide across your mouse pad with the deftest of flicks.

And with the improved Logitech Gaming Software that is low on bloat and high on features like Macros and all that crap, this is a mouse lover’s orgasm come true.

And so it was for me… until it broke six months later. The middle wheel button just stopped working all of a sudden while I was playing Skyrim, and after that the x and y tracker just stopped working! Absolutely no tracking whatsoever, although all the other buttons worked just fine. I mean, what the frack?!

Such an epic fail of a mouse. So beautiful, so elegant, so perfect… until it breaks down. And yes, Logitech failed to honor my warranty AGAIN. I’m such a masochist. I should stop buying these Logitech mice, if only they lasted more than a year. I can’t justify buying 3000 to 6000 peso mice over and over in a span of six months.  Damn you Logitech and may you rot in hell.

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