Razer? Logitech? Bah! Roccat!

I just bought a new gaming mouse. My old Logitech G7 was an excellent gaming mouse… or so I thought. It had a great shape, great performance, very nice swappable battery, and felt really good to use. Until the left mouse button started double-clicking! All of a sudden, if I click on a window in the status bar it would maximize and minimize all in one click! One click on an folder opens it instantly. Let’s not even get into accidentally opening a game when I just want to go through my documents!

Well enough was enough. I decided to buy a new mouse. It’s the Roccat Pyra, a wireless gaming mouse designed for mobile use.

Well I have to admit. It looks like a Razer. It’s small, as small as my Logitech bluetooth netbook mouse, but thinner by a bit.

And therein lies the rub. I mean, I like it. It is a basic mouse with five buttons, with an optical sensor (goes up to 1600dpi) and a 2.4Ghz wireless connection. That just means it’s good and has no wires! But the thin profile… it lacks support for my palm. So when I use it, it the crook of my hand gets tired.

Me, when I think mice, there’s some things I like to have. No wires. I can’t stress enough how nice having no wires is. The freedom it brings is unparalleled. I hate snagging the wire on things on my desk. No wires is such a relief. I hope everyone who uses a PC gets to use a wireless mouse at least once in their lives. Say no to wires!

So as such I had to get the Roccat. But I’m kind of regretting it because it’s not so comfortable.  That’s another big consideration. It’s such a shame. It would have been a good mouse otherwise.

But all in all I find it’s a good mouse, just not a good fit for my big hands. I suppose someone with smaller hands would like it.

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