Nate kicks Connor’s ass, Sherdog Explodes

As predicted, Nate Diaz demolished Connor McGregor and turned him into a pancake.

In a performance that was not unlike his brother Nick’s demolition of Takanori Gomi years earlier, Nate stands and trades with Connor and eventually rocks him with a left hook in Round 2, stunning the Irishman and giving Nate the opportunity to do his trademark taunt.

He then proceeds to continue pummeling McGregor into Oblivion, clinching, pushing him up against the fence, smashing him with a knee, and Connor finally tries for a takedown in desperation.

Nate stuffs it easily and flattens connor like a pancake, and gets to work. In a few seconds Connor is mounted, being pounded within an inch of his life, and as he squirms to escape he is choked out with a tight choke.


Ah, that made my week, was a great way to end Yakisoba Week.  Connor will now realize that he can bully the little guys at Featherweight, but he can’t hang with the big boys.




In other news, Sherdog.com just exploded because of this earth-shattering win, and I can’t even log on to gloat over all the butt-heart Connor fanboys. I’ll have to wait until later.

Nick ends the night telling Rogan, “I’m not surprised, mother fuckers.” Hahaha!   Awesome Nate, awesome.  Thank you for a wonderful evening.


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