Naruto and 4th Ninja World war

I’m currently marathoning Naruto and I am finally current at chapter 500+ or so.

And wow. It’s funny, but while I like the direction Naruto is going and I can stay it’s finally gotten good enough to actually compete with One Piece (Unlike Bleach which is has just become plain crap) it’s still got some screws lose, but then I probably shouldn’t have expected so much from Kishi.

First… I like how Naruto has dropped much of the toilet humor which was always third rate, and is now focusing on a pretty heavy theme in the great Gundam tradition – war and homt end it and achieve peace. It’s. It super deep, but the development going into Naruto’s character through the Pain arc was actually quite impressive for this manga.

So the theme has shifted to war.. And this is where it suddenly falls apart.

The 4th Ninja War is good for some action but that’s as far as it goes. First off, it’s laughable. Fourth Ninja World War? It’s just the five clans fighting three friction people! Madara, Kabuto and Sasuke vs. The World is more like it. Ninja World War my Ass. When I think World War I’m thinking an alliance of countries vs another alliance. This is not a World War, he’ll it isnt even a war, it’s just a big battle. I mean, when’s then last time you saw a war last two days or so? Hahaha.

But this is where the rub is. The very shallow scope of this “war” greatly undermines the war theme that Naruto has been going for, and negates the character development Naruto has been going through.

Naruto is currently wrestling with the concept of war and ending the chain of hatred. Like his inner monologue with Kyubi, the concept he is wrestling with his carrying all that hate for killing his enemies. Can he bear it? It’s a good turmoil to tackle, but it’s hilarious! Maybe it would work if his opponents were other countries where he has to kill ninjas with friends and family from other countries.

But they’re fighting no such thing! All the good guys are on his side! All they are fighting is a bunch of zombies and white clone drones, and Madara, Kabuto and Sasuke…. All of whom are super criminals who no longer have any family or friends left to grieve for them!

In fact, the only person who will grieve for the “other faction” is Naruto, Sakura and Ino. Nobody else in the whole wide world gives a flying fuck about the opposing coalition. So the whole “end the chain of hatred” junk that was so well-done during the Pain arc falls flat on it’s face. Hilarious.

Kishimoto needs to watch more Gundam so he can figure out how to do this whole war thing. He clearly doesn’t have a clue how war works. It’s funny, but even Avatar The Last Airbender had a better grasp of what a “war” is at this rate.

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