Manny Pacquiao — Gays are Lower than Animals

Many of you probably know by now that Manny Pacquiao, the Philippines’ most famous boxer, has apparently gone on the warpath stating that gay people are worse than animals.

“Common sense lang. Makakakita ka ba ng any animals na lalaki sa lalaki, babae sa babae? Mas mabuti pa yung hayop. Marunong kumilala kung lalaki, lalaki, o babae, babae,” Pacquiao said.

Naturally, this move would draw a large amount of anger from the GLBTA community.  With news of Manny’s anti-gay stance coming out, famous names in the outspoken GLBTA community have decried Manny, imploring us not to vote for him.


Aiza Seguerra, the famous child star who has made a name for herself as she has grown up and who is openly lesbian, has condemned him on Instagram:

“I am so fuckin’ mad I don’t know what to say. You might’ve done our country proud but with your statement, you just showed the whole country why we shouldn’t vote for you. And yes, I think you are an ignorant, bigoted hypocrite. You made me lose all respect that I had for you, Mr Pacquiao. Ang kailangan ng bansang ito ay mga taong nag-iisip. Utang ng loob, kilalanin ninyo ang iboboto ninyo.”

John Lapus, FIlipino comedian and actor, also had some choice words to say.

“I beg you my dear fellow filipinos and ofcourse fellow LGBT family. Pls dont vote Manny Pacquiao. Hayop ang tingin nya sa atin. Ty.” (sic)   


What I find hilarious, and yet at the same time, utterly disturbing with this sentiment is that these GLBTA people are only up in arms over Pacquiao over this last statement.  And they are urging us to change our political views, based on this statement alone.

Never mind that Manny pretty much said the same thing four years ago opposing US President Barack Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage. Such short memories you people have.  Back in 2012, Manny drew huge controversy in responding to Barack Obama’s support of gay marriage. Here, Manny said of marriage: “It should not be of the same sex so as to adulterate the altar of matrimony, like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah of Old.”   

The bigger issue is that the man is a gambler, a womanizer and an adulterer, cheated his way to a college diploma and a doctorate, and likely doesn’t know the first thing about political science, economics or sociology, and I’m sure he knows little of the law considering he just muscled the CHED to get his doctorate in Humanities. He doesn’t even really go to Congress, having the highest absentee rate among all Congressmenonly having attended Congress for four days in all of 2014.  And in the few times he actually was in Congress, he fights against important measures such as the right to use contraceptives and artificial family planning.

I’ll give Manny credit that at least he knows more about the RH Bill than Alma Moreno.

But the real question is, do we really want someone like Manny, who has no expertise or achievements in economics, sociology, politics or human welfare, who has a proven track record of not doing his job as a lawmaker, and in addition exhibits a lot of character traits that you might think twice about to have in an office that represents you and your country, to become a senator?  These issues are far bigger and far more pressing than his bigotry over the gay community.

Then again, considering that our country will happily elect someone like Joseph Estrada to the presidency, and despite him being a convicted criminal, still would have voted him into office a second time, I can’t say I’m surprised.

When will Filipinos learn to separate politics from everything else? Manny is a boxer. He’s an outstanding boxer. One of the best the world has ever seen. But he’s not a politician, and he shouldn’t be one just because of his illustrious career as a boxer.


Really, GLBTA Community?

But seriously? The GLBTA community is up in arms over this — and perhaps rightfully so. Manny Pacquiao, in his statement, effectively denied them of their way of life, of their very existence altogether.  And that is a very touchy subject for anybody.

And yet, all that this uproar over the Pac Man’s words shows is how little thought we put into our lives and into the business of running our country.

With the glaring oversights of all the issues I alluded to above, I wouldn’t be surprised if not more of the people in this country are like Alma Moreno, blissfully ignorant of everything and just sitting pretty with her make up on a chair, smiling at the world and hoping it smiles back.

Perhaps it’s good that we have a figure like Manny Pacquiao who can launch us into action, because it’s becoming quite obvious that what matters isn’t how we can move forward as a country, but rather that we’re so concerned about nothing else other than the preservation of our personal way of life that nothing else grabs our attention.

Apparently, none of these other issues matter to us, to the point that we were perfectly fine with electing a man such as this to the Senate up until he exposed a character flaw that affected us personally. That is so typically Filipino, and so typically sad. That’s what people should be thinking about when they see this headline.

When elections come up, perhaps we will be seeing a lot less votes for the Pac Man as a result of this. But it is my fervent hope that we learn to reject him for the right reasons, and not just the personal ones.


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