The Anti Logitech

Logitech is a horrible company. They somehow succeeded by building a brand that is perceived as the Porsche of keyboards and mice, but the shoddy worksmanship of their peripherals betrays their true form.

I have an MX3200 desktop set and the keys feel so spongy, it’s like there was a mound of dirt beneath them that you squish every time you type, and it sticks so they pop back a little slowly. The effort needed to press the buttons is above what other keyboards require.

Their mice, all of which have been following the MX700/MX300 form factor for ages now, may be good for people with big hands who like to palm their mice, but for gaming using your fingers for precision is often the better method, but all these palm mice they churn out just don’t make the cut compared to an el-cheapo A4-Tech mouse that handles flawlessly at a third or sometimes even a fourth of the price.

My poor G7 mouse was only with me for 3 months before the left mouse button started having double-click problems. And yet my A4-Tech mice have been with me for 5 years and have never had clicking problems.

Let’s not even get into how often their batteries die out for all their cordless mice, and I’ve owned quite a few of them. Logitech is highly disappointing, I’ve been burned too many times buying their shoddy products. You could say I’m the fool for going back to them time and again, fooled by the brand name, but sometimes I just gotta learn.

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  • mbc0528

    nice review.
    very nice indeed…
    hope you can review my new pair of aiaiai tracks.

    thank you so much.
    a good read.
    and very detailed review.

  • youHatin?

    I woulda disagreed with you regarding Logitech a week ago
    My wireless(M305) mice was really sturdy. Felt like a brick; very solid, but still very light

    It was wickedly dropped 5-10 times, so I was really impressed with em for still functioning

    but just this week, the right mouse button sunk in. So it takes a more forceful pressin to get it to click

    So yeah, it’s sturdy … but they still havent found a way around this RMB problem(I’ve had numerous mice with this problem — optical, wired, wireless, track/balled, etc

    or maybe its my middle finger thats the problem lol

  • youHatin?

    Just wanted to add:
    No battery problems on my M305
    Lasts pretty long

    from Logitech’s site
    —Intelligent battery management—
    “and automatic sleep mode turns off the mouse when you’re not using it. “

    • Erwin

      You know, Logitech keeps making great designs but all of them have such shoddy quality that they break down within a few months. My Logitech G602 gave up its ghost after 6 months… and Logitech refused to honor my warranty to boot.