Guilty Crown 01

I just watched the single most-hyped anime of 2011. From all the hype around this show, I’d swear more people felt it was the 2nd coming of sliced bread than Fate Zero, which itself already had a huge mountain of hype behind it.

I will say, though, that Guilty Crown 01 was extremely lame.

It felt like it was trying too hard. the dialogue especially between Shu and Inori was really awkward.
Shu himself is extremely dislikable.

And the entire thing was just too much of a Code Geass redux.

  • CC wannabe? Check
  • Shirly wannabe? Check
  • Rivalz wannabe? Check
  • Ougi wannabe? Check
  • Supernatural ability activated just before a cliffhanger ending? Check
  • Japan under military law of other nations? Check
  • Childhood friends broken up and brought back together by fate? Check
  • Numbered Areas where “purges” by the military are done? Check

The use of music in the scenes was awkward for me. (Inori’s throaty singing at the start and near the end, the metal during Gai’s ass whooping, not really good). Whoever they got to voice and sing for Inori, I wish they’d gotten someone else. She’s no May’n or Megumi Nakajima. Whoever is producing her needs to realize that, if you’re going to gratuitously use an uber-hyped anime to promote a budding new actress/idol’s singing career, you better make sure she can sing, have someone who can write good songs for her, and make sure the anime you’re doing it in isn’t just a lame ripoff of a truly great one.

Inori just seems completely out of place in the episode. Like she doesn’t even belong in the show, how she has no business doing covert ops in the Suiko 5 outift, how she has nothing better to do than mope around some abandoned university building singing while half naked and bleeding, she just feels like gratuitous fan service tossed in and sticking out like a sore thumb. I mean I’m all for fanservice and all but when we see kallen with her butt sticking out asking to be tapped in the Gurren MkII cockpit it doesn’t feel as uselessly out of place as Inori did this whole episode.

This show has a LONG way to go to even live up to half the standard set by Code Geass just looking at the first episodes of both series.  With Shu in the mix, and a really bad-at-singing CC wannabe, I felt like I was watching Geass all over again except it was trying to be Macross Frontier, and had a Shinji Ikari wannabe as the lead instead of Fabulous Lelouche.

But I like this:

And how it looks like this:

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