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Monster Turbines vs. Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 170

You know, I have had the Metro Fi 170’s and the Monster Turbines for a few months now. You know what I have concluded so far?

The Metro Fi’s, at a third of the price, actually sound better than the Turbines. I really thought I would love the Turbines more but it is a very confusing earphone. The sound is very rich but the sound stage is smaller than the 170’s, and the clarity is not quite as good. The driver is also not as fast, and the treble is and bass detail is kind of drowned out in comparison. What it has instead is, I dunno… “body.” The sound is very colored, though not in a particularly bad way. It sounds great actually and the sound doesn’t hurt the ear after long listens, and lends well in certain genres like R&B, House, Chillout, Latin, and many types of Jazz. In other genres that I prefer to sound clean like Hard Rock or Acoustic it gives a certain “echo” to the sound which is not unwelcome.

But despite that I find that the clean but not thin sound of the Metro Fi’s on the whole sound better. The Turbines give a nice listening experience for House and similar types of genres but the 170s are great in every genre I’ve listened to them with and hold their own against the Turbines even in genres you’d think a bass heavy monster like the Turbines would own.

And actually speaking of bass, the 170’s have as much bass as the Turbines, only cleaner. Crazy. I don’t know, I’m very confused over the Turbines, I don’t know what to say. Common sense tells me it’s 3x the price and 3x better but in actuality I find the Metro Fi’s — and I’m talking the low end UE model here — are actually better overall.