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Complete List of Windows Key Shortcuts

When I first got my Acer Switch 10, it was awesome as both a tablet and a laptop. But one thing that always bugged me was how, when I yank the screen off and go into tablet mode, there was no easy way to switch auto-rotate on and off.  Normally, when you go tablet mode you would want to use the device in portrait mode, but when in laptop mode naturally you’d want it in landscape.

I hated that I had to auto-rotate the device to get to landscape or portrait mode when I switched usage.  Well, I have since learned some shortcuts to get around the issue, like the enabling ctrl-alt-arrow keys to rotate manually, but I also found out you can easily enable or disable auto-rotate using Win+O.

The Windows key is a fun thing, it lets you do tons of things. Since the Win95 days I’ve been using Win+D to effectively minimize everything and go to desktop mode in a flash, it’s a great “boss key” when you want to hide your screen and whatever you’re doing from somebody who quickly comes over.

Well, I took the time and finally figured out what every single shortcut is for the Windows key. Behold!

Win+B: Selects your System Tray
Win+C: Shows Charms
Win+D: Shows Desktop
Win+E: Opens Windows Explorer
Win+F: Opens File Search
Win+Ctrl+F: Opens Find Computers
Win+G: Brings gadgets to the top
Win+H: Opens the Share charm
Win+I: Opens the Settings charm
Win+K: Opens the Devices charm
Win+L: Locks the PC
Win+M: Minimizes all windows (Win+Shift+M to reverse)
Win+O: Auto-rotate Toggle
Win+P: Opens Project under Devices Charm
Win+Q: Opens Search Everywhere
Win+R: Opens the Run dialog
Win+S: Opens Search Everywhere
Win+T: Selects Taskbar Item –> moves around with each press
Win+U: Opens Ease of Access Center
Win+W: Opens Search Settings
Win+X: Opens the Power Users menu
Win+1/2/3..etc: Selects Taskbar item in specific # slot

Win+Left arrow key: Snaps Active Window to Left of Screen
Win+Right arrow key: Snaps Active Window to Right of Screen
Win+Up arrow key: Maximize Window
Win+Down arrow key: Minimize Window or un-maximize if maximized
Win+Enter: Opens Narrator
Win+Space: Switch Input Language

Win+”+”: Magnifier Zoom In
Win+”-“: Magnifier Zoom Out
Win+Esc: Close Magnifier
Win+F1: Opens Help
Win+Pause/Break: Opens System Properties
Win+Print screen: Takes a screenshot
Win+,: Aero Peek
Win+.: Show Active Window