Card Sleeves for Coup (The Dystopian Universe) Cards

When I posted an image from game night of a session of Coup: The Dystopian Universe, I got a quick inquiry about what sleeves I was using on my Coup cards.

As it turns out, Coup has some rather large-sized cards; much larger than the regular CCG size that Magic: The Gathering made popular. I should know, none of my old Ultra Pros fit. So I had to buy a special large-sized Ultra Pro sleeve, as shown here:


Coup is one of my favorite games. It’s fast, it’s furious, and you don’t feel so bad even if you get killed early on. But the secret is that you need to have the cards protected so that they don’t become marked; the game is all about bluffing what card you have and if the cards are marked, it becomes harder to play it correctly without any cheating as someone tries to figure out what card you have in your hand.

Some kind of card sleeve is necessary. I would have liked to use a Top Loader for the best protection, but I can’t find any Top Loader that is big enough. Regular sleeves though were availabe. Ultra Pro recognized the growing market for board games, and created a special 65x100mm size of card sleeve just for board gamers.

As you can see, the Coup cards are 10cm long, too large for an 89mm Top Loader.
As you can see, the Coup cards are 10cm long, too large for an 89mm Top Loader.

That’s what you want — there are several other brands that offer 65x100mm sleeves, but Ultra Pro is one of the more recognizable and well-stocked brands. So get this size of sleeve if you want to protect your Coup cards.

If you can’t find it in stock at your local hobby store, consider ordering from my affiliate link to help support this site. Thanks!

Amazon Ultra Pro Board Game Sleeves Affiliate Link

Amazon Mayday Board Game Sleeve Affiliate Link   (this is an alternative brand I found on Amazon. I have not tested this but specs say it’s same size so should be ok)

And hey if you need the Coup game itself or want to gift to a friend…


Coup: Reformation

Rainbow Six Vegas II: the Illustrious History of FAIL begins Here

Holy Crap this had to be the single STUPIDEST Rainbow Six game ever made, hell the stupidest Tom Clancy game ever made, this was a freaking disgrace, a retarded pitiful excuse of a tactical combat game.

Let’s look at the glorious feature list:

  • Enemy Spawning out of thin air directly within your line of sight! Sometimes right next to you!
  • Stupid Enemy AI that never learns how to flank or otherwise take advantage of your blind side.
  • Scripted Events that put you right in the middle of an ambush situation where enemies spawn right in the middle of thin air, higher ground, and otherwise ready to take potshots at you while simultaneously decapitating one of your squad mates automatically upon spawn!
  • Lengthy Solo Flight mission to totally make you forget all manner of tactics and squad combat to ensure you go Rambo on a Hundred terrorists all by your lonesome!
  • Convenient ammo boxes found in plush condo units and casinos for no apparent reason!
  • Final Boss Fight in puzzle format that must be tackled via trial and error to figure out what to do, loading and reloading over and over as necessary after you inevitably die until you figure out what you’re supposed to do!

I mean goddammit a FINAL BOSS FIGHT what the heck, is this a JRPG? There is something about Tactical Shooter games that Ubisoft needs to learn, before they royally screw up and turn all of Red Storm’s previous masterpieces into Doom 4. Tactical Squad games are based on SQUADS! Repeat after me, SQUAD COMBAT!!! SQUAD CONTROL!!! SQUAD TACTICS!!!! Not going around fucking Rambo mowing down terrorists by the dozens!

This game just had massive fail all over it. To celebrate how much fail this game was, let me post this commemorative Fail Pic: