Beware deuxdoom

I just found another virus for the iPhone.  This one was quite annoying. Basically it can compromise your iTunes account. Me, I don’t have a credit card on my iTunes profile so it was no biggie. But those of you who do, be careful.

It only affects jailbroken iPhones, and only if you install a particular set of IPAs.

What it does is when you try to access your iTunes account on your iPhone, it will display a message like this:

It will prevent you from logging in to your iTunes account as well through the iPhone, so you won’t be able to update any of your apps.

Beware of ANY ipa uploaded by a person named “deuxdoom”

It seems I had an Awesome Note app from him and it caused the problem. Uninstalling the app fixes the issue immediately.

The person has a wordpress blog as well – (here some free publicity for your efforts). He is apparently some 29 year old in Korea who either is malevolently interfering with other people’s iPhones, or a  newb who does a sloppy job of hacking. Be careful and happy iPhoning.

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    lol. not a virus… :)

    • Erwin

      Er, yes virus.