Beauty comes in Small Packages

I’ve been lusting over this ever since I saw it!
Nano 6th Gen!

Oooh look at that! I really like the green one! And the orange one too haha. The iPod. The product that revolutionized how people enjoy their music and made viable a product category of its own all by its lonesome.

I really like this new Nano. I have the old 2G Nano, which has an aluminum body on the classic slim body. It’s a beautiful player, very sturdy and easy to carry because of its size.

But it was lacking a few key conveniences. The most obvious being that, despite its small size, there was no easy way to clip it onto your clothing. I love how the new Nano has a built in clip, just like the later gen shuffles, and yet keeps the full power and capability of the larger Nano models.

The Shuffle, while an excellent player in its own right, was simply too basic without any decent way to control the playback of the contents. The new Nano combines the size and portability of the Shuffle with a touchscreen and the ability to control the playback of your music the way you need it.

I love it! I am gonna get one soon.

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