A “Cherry” blast.

Cherry Mobile a name associated with cheap celphone for the masses. Usually it is priced starting around a few hundreds of pesos. They are associated with the low income bracket of society. They sold cell phone that are priced below its European and Korean competitors plus the added functionality.  Now gearing their guns against the touch screen brands such as the HTC and Iphones. They have rolled out 3 new models that are pitted against the more expensive rivals  at half the price.

Cherry Nova

The Cherry Nova the first of the 3 and cheapest is an able fighter against the Iphone 3gs, HTC Wildfire and LG KM 900 Arena. It boasts a 600 MHZ Qualcomm processor with 256 RAM and 512 of ROM more powerful than a pricier LG Arena. All the standard features such as capacitative multi-touch screen, 5.0 Megapixel autofocus camera and Wifi connectivity. That’s not all it has both an AGP and an internal GPS for its Navigation. You might think that it would cost the same as the HTC Wildfire or a little lower than it. Hold your seats it cost only around Php. 11,000.00 compared to the next cheapest phone the Wildfire at around Php 14,500.00.


Cherry Mobile Magnum

The Cherry Magnum is the 2nd phone of the triumvirate but this is definitely the strongest of the 3. This phone is pitted against the Titans such as the HTC HD2, Iphone 4G and Nokia N8. The Magnum has a powerful 1ghz qualcomm processor which is at par with the 3 phones. However the real strength lies in its memory with a whooping 2GB ROM and 512 RAM making multi-tasking an ease. It has the same spec sheet with the others such as a 4.1 capacitative touch screen, GPS/AGPS and 720p recording. The strongest point is the price which pegged at around Php. 19,000.00. This is Php 9,000.00 cheaper than its nearest rival but definitely the strongest of them all.

Cherry Mobile Superion

Lastly of the 3 is the Cherry Superion. It is pitted against the Appple Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. It has the same spec  sheet as the Cherry Nova but with a bigger 7 inch capacitative screen. Samsung Galaxy’s paper shows better hardware but twice the price of the Superion. The Superion has more functionality than the more expensive Apple Ipad. At a price of Php 18,000.00, this will be quite a catch.

The Cherry Mobile has a come a long way for the three gladiators. They have step-up a little further by powering it with an Android making it more functional than the more popular Apple brand. With less the price, we might see the mamang driver using his Cherry

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