Articles for November 2010

Beware deuxdoom

I just found another virus for the iPhone.  This one was quite annoying. Basically it can compromise your iTunes account. Me, I don’t have a credit card on my iTunes profile so it was no biggie. But those of you who do, be careful.

It only affects jailbroken iPhones, and only if you install a particular set of IPAs.

What it does is when you try to access your iTunes account on your iPhone, it will display a message like this:

It will prevent you from logging in to your iTunes account as well through the iPhone, so you won’t be able to update any of your apps.

Beware of ANY ipa uploaded by a person named “deuxdoom”

It seems I had an Awesome Note app from him and it caused the problem. Uninstalling the app fixes the issue immediately.

The person has a wordpress blog as well – (here some free publicity for your efforts). He is apparently some 29 year old in Korea who either is malevolently interfering with other people’s iPhones, or a  newb who does a sloppy job of hacking. Be careful and happy iPhoning.

Razer? Logitech? Bah! Roccat!

I just bought a new gaming mouse. My old Logitech G7 was an excellent gaming mouse… or so I thought. It had a great shape, great performance, very nice swappable battery, and felt really good to use. Until the left mouse button started double-clicking! All of a sudden, if I click on a window in the status bar it would maximize and minimize all in one click! One click on an folder opens it instantly. Let’s not even get into accidentally opening a game when I just want to go through my documents!

Well enough was enough. I decided to buy a new mouse. It’s the Roccat Pyra, a wireless gaming mouse designed for mobile use.

Well I have to admit. It looks like a Razer. It’s small, as small as my Logitech bluetooth netbook mouse, but thinner by a bit.

And therein lies the rub. I mean, I like it. It is a basic mouse with five buttons, with an optical sensor (goes up to 1600dpi) and a 2.4Ghz wireless connection. That just means it’s good and has no wires! But the thin profile… it lacks support for my palm. So when I use it, it the crook of my hand gets tired.

Me, when I think mice, there’s some things I like to have. No wires. I can’t stress enough how nice having no wires is. The freedom it brings is unparalleled. I hate snagging the wire on things on my desk. No wires is such a relief. I hope everyone who uses a PC gets to use a wireless mouse at least once in their lives. Say no to wires!

So as such I had to get the Roccat. But I’m kind of regretting it because it’s not so comfortable.  That’s another big consideration. It’s such a shame. It would have been a good mouse otherwise.

But all in all I find it’s a good mouse, just not a good fit for my big hands. I suppose someone with smaller hands would like it.