Articles for October 2010

A “Cherry” blast.

Cherry Mobile a name associated with cheap celphone for the masses. Usually it is priced starting around a few hundreds of pesos. They are associated with the low income bracket of society. They sold cell phone that are priced below its European and Korean competitors plus the added functionality.  Now gearing their guns against the touch screen brands such as the HTC and Iphones. They have rolled out 3 new models that are pitted against the more expensive rivals  at half the price.

Cherry Nova

The Cherry Nova the first of the 3 and cheapest is an able fighter against the Iphone 3gs, HTC Wildfire and LG KM 900 Arena. It boasts a 600 MHZ Qualcomm processor with 256 RAM and 512 of ROM more powerful than a pricier LG Arena. All the standard features such as capacitative multi-touch screen, 5.0 Megapixel autofocus camera and Wifi connectivity. That’s not all it has both an AGP and an internal GPS for its Navigation. You might think that it would cost the same as the HTC Wildfire or a little lower than it. Hold your seats it cost only around Php. 11,000.00 compared to the next cheapest phone the Wildfire at around Php 14,500.00.


Cherry Mobile Magnum

The Cherry Magnum is the 2nd phone of the triumvirate but this is definitely the strongest of the 3. This phone is pitted against the Titans such as the HTC HD2, Iphone 4G and Nokia N8. The Magnum has a powerful 1ghz qualcomm processor which is at par with the 3 phones. However the real strength lies in its memory with a whooping 2GB ROM and 512 RAM making multi-tasking an ease. It has the same spec sheet with the others such as a 4.1 capacitative touch screen, GPS/AGPS and 720p recording. The strongest point is the price which pegged at around Php. 19,000.00. This is Php 9,000.00 cheaper than its nearest rival but definitely the strongest of them all.

Cherry Mobile Superion

Lastly of the 3 is the Cherry Superion. It is pitted against the Appple Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. It has the same spec  sheet as the Cherry Nova but with a bigger 7 inch capacitative screen. Samsung Galaxy’s paper shows better hardware but twice the price of the Superion. The Superion has more functionality than the more expensive Apple Ipad. At a price of Php 18,000.00, this will be quite a catch.

The Cherry Mobile has a come a long way for the three gladiators. They have step-up a little further by powering it with an Android making it more functional than the more popular Apple brand. With less the price, we might see the mamang driver using his Cherry

the addiction became more addictive…

i remember when i was a kid,my mom used to buy me alot of toys whcih i enjoyed but and i had fun playing with my friends outdoor until i was introduced to the first gaming console i ever played, the family computer.  the mario games, contra,street fighter, battle city and teenage mutant ninja turtles are just some of my favorites. i had so much fun with that console and thought you can finish all levels in each games in a few hours, repeating it didnt make it boring. back then i thought it was the best toy ever but i was wrong, the gaming industry continually evolved into better gaming consoles. there was the sega megadrive then the SNES and afterwards there was the nintendo 64. all of the consoles created good games but my addiction grew more when i had my play station.

Beauty comes in Small Packages

I’ve been lusting over this ever since I saw it!
Nano 6th Gen!

Oooh look at that! I really like the green one! And the orange one too haha. The iPod. The product that revolutionized how people enjoy their music and made viable a product category of its own all by its lonesome.

I really like this new Nano. I have the old 2G Nano, which has an aluminum body on the classic slim body. It’s a beautiful player, very sturdy and easy to carry because of its size.

But it was lacking a few key conveniences. The most obvious being that, despite its small size, there was no easy way to clip it onto your clothing. I love how the new Nano has a built in clip, just like the later gen shuffles, and yet keeps the full power and capability of the larger Nano models.

The Shuffle, while an excellent player in its own right, was simply too basic without any decent way to control the playback of the contents. The new Nano combines the size and portability of the Shuffle with a touchscreen and the ability to control the playback of your music the way you need it.

I love it! I am gonna get one soon.

Liberated iPhone

I’ve been so used to my jailbroken iPhone that I often take things for granted. Jailbroken you say? Well amongst normal people a “jailbreak” conjures images of criminals escaping prison perhaps by digging a tunnel or by subduing the guards as they deliver their meal and sneaking away the key.

But in the Kingdom of Apple the term “jailbreak” is a much-adored euphemism for hacking the protection Apple keeps on the iPhone to prevent unauthorized apps from being placed on the phone.

One of the main uses people have for jailbreaking is to use SSH or iPhone Explorer or a similar tool to copy files onto their device. I usually use this to move manga from my harddrive onto my iPhone for reading on the go.

So today I was about to transfer from Magister Negima chapters (a Harry Potter-esque manga) onto my iPhone using SSH, and was surprised to discover that my SSH was no longer working!

After some research I discovered a blog that explained the issue was with a virus that was proliferating on jailbroken iPhones. Whoa! And here I thought Apple was immune from viruses! Apparently, while the not-so-prolific MacBooks and fullsized Macs are too small a target for hackers to create viruses for, the iPhone had become so popular that it was ripe for the pickings for a would be l33t hacker.

It’s not surprising, the iPhone is such a popular, sought-after piece of hardware that it’s become the status symbol of the celphone world. But what a phone it is.

I’m happy that I was able to discover this flaw in my iPhone, actually. Because of it, I was able to trace a slew of problems that had been bugging me with my iPhone and fix them following the guidance of the different blogs on the net.

Apparently the virus makes use of the default password and login on the iPhone which is userid: root and password: alpine. It proliferates on iPhones using these information and WiFi, and infects causing weird behavior like failure of the SSH function and changing of the wallpaper.

Well that just goes to show, you can’t be too careful with your gadgets as someone’s out there to get you. And that the more popular your gadget, the more likely it will be targeted!

Bose Triports

I am an unapologetic bass head and I don’t really go for flat frequency curves, or “natural, balanced sound.” In other words, I’m heavily biased towards the colored sound.

The Bose Triports are well-known for this coloration that is usually not the cup of tea of the typical audiophile. In fact, they are affectionately known as “fart cannons” in some circles, which is a testament to how much air they can push to give that boomy bass that budding car stereo afficionados love whilst pounding out their albums of T-Pain or Usher.

The Bose Triport OE

I think this is an important thing to note, as your mileage with the Bose On Ear Triports will likely vary depending on what kind of sound you are looking for and just how far up the audiophile ladder you are on (since audiophiles pretty much unanimously hate Bose and their products).

However, from a lifestyle perspective, I think that Bose does a great job. The sound they produce is very atmospheric and pleasant, the kind that the average consumer would enjoy. While these cans certainly won’t keep happy the discerning audiophile who craves balanced, analytical sound, they certainly have the potential to offer a more engaging experience while listening to many kinds of music such as Pop, RnB and Hip Hop.

Their small frame and folding design fit perfectly into the compact carrying case, which make these very handy when travelling. You can stash them in a purse or a shoulder bag and go off anywhere without any hassles. The detachable, single-sided cable is also very convenient, and a lot more comfortable to use than the typical y-cables that go into both sides of other headphone models. They snag less often on chairs and other dangerous obstacles that could yank the expensive headphones off your head.

And if they do snag, the detachable cable will usually come off instead of dragging the entire headphone down with. It’s conveniences like these which make headphones like this a pleasure to use.

It’s certainly one of my favorite designs and a headphone I would recommend to anybody looking for a warm, cozy sound and great ergonomics.

The M50 – Best Under $200

Well, hot in the heels of my last headphone purchase, I just went out and out and got myself the fabled Audio Technica ATH-M50 studio monitors.

These cans are reputed to be the best in the world under $200US. And from the last hour I spent with them, I have absolutely no reason to disagree.

They just officially ROCK. Without prejudice. They just simply blow away every Bose, Sennheiser, Shure and AKG I have owned or heard in this price range. I own a bunch of headsets but they were all in the $100 or less category. Sennheiser HD212 Pro, Sennheiser HD465, Shure E2C, Bose Triport OE and IE, AKG K81 DJ and the VModa Vibes. These easily beat out all of those. At the same time. With one hand tied behind its back.

They are seriously that good. As my GF said when I snuck behind her and stuffed these on her ears, “I feel like I’m in another place!” They are good enough to suck you into another dimension. The sound signature of the M50s is very warm and bassy, meaning they have strong low frequency fundamentals. Yet the mid range is very smooth and creamy, with a very forward presentation that does great justice to vocals. The highs are smooth and rolled off, without any sibilance or harshness. It’s exactly the kind of sound signature I like to have in a headphone.

Having gear like this really lets you enjoy the pleasure of life. It’s amazing how technology has evolved to allow monitor class headphones such as these to be made availble to the consumer at such an affordable price points. In the past audio gear of this quality was usually limited to studio professionals who would spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the tools of their trade.

We should never overestimate the magic a good pair of headphones can bring to your listening experience. While most people are apt to be content with the white earbuds that come with their iPods, you really discover what you’re missing once you listen to a solid pair of cans.

The Anti Logitech

Logitech is a horrible company. They somehow succeeded by building a brand that is perceived as the Porsche of keyboards and mice, but the shoddy worksmanship of their peripherals betrays their true form.

I have an MX3200 desktop set and the keys feel so spongy, it’s like there was a mound of dirt beneath them that you squish every time you type, and it sticks so they pop back a little slowly. The effort needed to press the buttons is above what other keyboards require.

Their mice, all of which have been following the MX700/MX300 form factor for ages now, may be good for people with big hands who like to palm their mice, but for gaming using your fingers for precision is often the better method, but all these palm mice they churn out just don’t make the cut compared to an el-cheapo A4-Tech mouse that handles flawlessly at a third or sometimes even a fourth of the price.

My poor G7 mouse was only with me for 3 months before the left mouse button started having double-click problems. And yet my A4-Tech mice have been with me for 5 years and have never had clicking problems.

Let’s not even get into how often their batteries die out for all their cordless mice, and I’ve owned quite a few of them. Logitech is highly disappointing, I’ve been burned too many times buying their shoddy products. You could say I’m the fool for going back to them time and again, fooled by the brand name, but sometimes I just gotta learn.