Bose Triports

I am an unapologetic bass head and I don’t really go for flat frequency curves, or “natural, balanced sound.” In other words, I’m heavily biased towards the colored sound.

The Bose Triports are well-known for this coloration that is usually not the cup of tea of the typical audiophile. In fact, they are affectionately known as “fart cannons” in some circles, which is a testament to how much air they can push to give that boomy bass that budding car stereo afficionados love whilst pounding out their albums of T-Pain or Usher.

The Bose Triport OE

I think this is an important thing to note, as your mileage with the Bose On Ear Triports will likely vary depending on what kind of sound you are looking for and just how far up the audiophile ladder you are on (since audiophiles pretty much unanimously hate Bose and their products).

However, from a lifestyle perspective, I think that Bose does a great job. The sound they produce is very atmospheric and pleasant, the kind that the average consumer would enjoy. While these cans certainly won’t keep happy the discerning audiophile who craves balanced, analytical sound, they certainly have the potential to offer a more engaging experience while listening to many kinds of music such as Pop, RnB and Hip Hop.

Their small frame and folding design fit perfectly into the compact carrying case, which make these very handy when travelling. You can stash them in a purse or a shoulder bag and go off anywhere without any hassles. The detachable, single-sided cable is also very convenient, and a lot more comfortable to use than the typical y-cables that go into both sides of other headphone models. They snag less often on chairs and other dangerous obstacles that could yank the expensive headphones off your head.

And if they do snag, the detachable cable will usually come off instead of dragging the entire headphone down with. It’s conveniences like these which make headphones like this a pleasure to use.

It’s certainly one of my favorite designs and a headphone I would recommend to anybody looking for a warm, cozy sound and great ergonomics.

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  • mbc0528

    i believe in your review…
    i have a pair of this bose triport and i dont find them amazing…
    when worn for a long moment of time…they are fatiguing..

    the price and the value is no doubt all about marketing…hype.

    the design build is not top notch.

    a nice read..
    very happy with this topic.